Mister FPGA USB HUB with VBUS control

Mister FPGA USB HUB 2.1 Table of Contents

Although not strictly neccesary and not as well built as commercial solutions like the Digitus DA-70222, this board is really convenient specially if you don't plan to run your Mister FPGA into a cabinet.

The USB HUB is needed to connect more than one USB device like gamepads, keyboards, wifi antennas and get power for the HDMI to VGA converter if you use direct video mode.

There are several ways to assemble it, I built mine with these features:

I also soldered a USB connector in PWR1 footprint that goes directly to the power supply, limited to 0.5A due to the USB 2.0 connector limitations. This is enough to power the Rankie HDMI to VGA converter but not the DAC Topping E30 rated 1A.


Missing materials in the wiki
Reference Part Value
JP2 Resistor 0805 0 Ω
R1a Resistor 0805 47K 1% 1/8W
R12 Resistor 0805 5K6 1% 1/8W
R13, R14 Resistor 0805 10K 1% 1/8W
U2a Power controller NCP380LSNAJAAT1G

How to connect it

L-Shaped USB bracket connector for the Mister FPGA USB HUB

In order to connect the USB HUB to the Terasic DE10-Nano you need M3x14mm spacers and an USB Bracket board. The power supply that powers both boards must be the same, dividing the cable using a DC Splitter.

Before connecting the board to the DE10-Nano I test it in an old PC using an OTG usb cable and checking every USB port works.

Enable fast polling

Just press B button just after powering on the Mister and a menu with the option Scripts will appear. Then select and run fast_USB_polling_on. If the gamepad you are using doesn't work it means it doesn't support 1000Hz mode and you need to switch back running fast_USB_polling_off.