Mister VGA to SCART cable with proper CSYNC attenuation

This is the wiring I use to connect my Mister FPGA with my CRT TV with a Rankie HDMI to VGA adapter:

Mister VGA to SCART with proper CSYNC attenuation wiring diagram

Pin 14 from the VGA connector outputs the Blanking signal at an adequate level to activate RGB mode on the TV and is connected to pin 16 of SCART. Pin 8 at SCART is left unconnected; this avoids 16:9 mode gets activated on some TVs as explained here.

CSYNC attenuation

CSYNC attenuated to ~400mV using a 470 ohm resistor in series

The HDMI to VGA converter outputs 2V CSYNC so you'll need to put a 470Ω resistor in series in order to attenuate the signal below 1V as the SCART specification requires.

This resistors along with the 75Ω termination resistor in the TV forms a voltage divider that attenuates the signal to ~400mV. I've verified this using a cheap DSO150 osciloscope.