Power supply upgrade for Mister FPGA

Mean Well GST60A05-P1J power supply

Terasic DE10-Nano board comes with the LTE 12WS-S1 5 volts 2 amp power supply. If you use all the boards and extra USB devices this power supply runs a bit hot and it's a good idea to upgrade with a better power supply that gives more juice.

I've found the Mean Well GST60A05-P1J to be a good upgrade with a current range of 0~6 amps. It has an IEC320-C14 plug and comes without the cable that goes to the wall socket.

GST60A05-P1J vs GST25B05-P1J

Mean Well GST25B05-P1J is another good PSU to use with the Mister and less bulky. Both feature energy efficiency level VI and protection against overload and overvoltage, but the GST60A05-P1J has these extra features: